Beforeigners, season 2


A brutal murder in Oslo, with links to the United Kingdom in the 1800s, raises concerns that Jack the Ripper may have immigrated to the present. Police officers Lars and Alfhildr soon realize that if they want to catch the killer, they can only rely on each other. Parallel to the investigation, Lars has to deal with domestic concerns as his daughter becomes romantically involved with a Norse weatherman. Alfhildr encounters a mysterious fortune teller who appears to possess significant knowledge about Alfhildr’s ancestry. And Norway’s King Olav Haraldsson discovers that living in the present is not what he expected.

‘Beforeigners’ was HBO’s first original series from Norway

The show has won 5 awards and received 11 nominations

Creative team behind Beforeigners:

Created and written by: Anne Bjørnstad og Eilif Skodvin
Directed by: Jens Lien