Ivar Køhn, CEO: ivar.kohn@rubicon.no

Stine Blichfeldt, Producer: stine.blichfeldt@rubicon.no



About scripts:

Our company is creatively driven, and we primarily develop projects that are written from within by our amazing creators. We therefore do not take in projects from outside. However, we are innovative and welcome ideas for other distribution formats; so if you have an idea of something worth testing – get in touch with us!


Job applications:

We currently have no vacancies, but that can change. Send an e-mail to info@rubicon.no. Mark the subject field with “job application”.


Invoice adress:

Rubicon TV AS (Org.nr: 968 061 828)
Storgata 33C
0184 OSLO

Please mark with: Project and contact person.
We would like to receive invoices in EHF format.
If you are unable to do so, send the invoice to: 968061828@invoice.bdo.no
The invoice must have a 30 day due date.

Invoice adress for feature film production February and March 2024

Rubicon Produksjon AS
Org nr: 930 210 404
Storgata 33c, 0184 Oslo

The invoice must have reference to “3258 – Løype v/Pierre Bonnet”

Rubicon Produksjon AS is registered in the ELMA register and we encourage suppliers to send invoices in EHF format. Our unique ID is our organization number: 930 210 404

If suppliers can not send invoices in EHF format, invoices in PDF format can be sent one by one/only 1 file at a time by email to 930210404@invoice.bdo.no. EHF does not support attachment, so it is recommended to send PDFs of several pages by email.

Rubicon contact for invoicing: Pierre.bonnet@rubicon.no