Ivar Køhn


Ivar Køhn is Rubicon’s CEO, and was previously Head of Drama at NRK. Køhn has previously served as, among other things, department director for Development and production at the Norwegian Film Institute, film and drama consultant at the Norwegian Film Fund, co-owner and producer in Maipo Film, head of script editing in SVT Drama, and chairman of Nordisk Film and TV Fund. He has also been a writer in three TV drama series. Through the various positions, he has been involved in several films and TV series. He is also a board member of the Production Association, Screen media, Tigerstadsteatret and the Festival Office.

Anna Moland


Anna Moland is COO of Rubicon, has a background as a lawyer and has primarily worked with feature films since 2012. She has since taken a master’s degree from the Norwegian Film School as a producer, with a focus on artistic development work and innovation, and has explored this through Virtual Production. Professional experience includes work on productions such as “Out Stealing Horses”, “The Spy”, “22. July” and “The King’s Choice”.

Anne Bjørnstad

Scriptwriter and Executive producer

Anne Bjørnstad is series creator, screenwriter, director and executive producer at Rubicon, and was previously Head of Drama in the company. Bjørnstad started her career as a satire- and humor writer on titles such as “Åpen Post”, “Nytt på Nytt”, “Melonas”, “Torsdagsklubben” and “Rikets Røst”. In the past decade, she has been creator and writer for several award-winning drama series with international impact, such as “Lilyhammer”, “Beforeigners”, “The Councilman”, “Nach”, “Samurai Sikkerhet” and “Jordbrukerne”.

Eilif Skodvin

Scriptwriter and Executive producer

Eilif Skodvin is a series creator, screenwriter and executive producer, and was previously Head of Development at Rubicon. He started his career as a writer for stage performances, comedy series and panel programs such as “Mandagsklubben”, “I kveld med Thomas Giertsen”, “Endelig Fredag”, “I kveld Timothy Dahle”, “Torsdagsklubben” and “Rikets Røst”. In the past decade, he has been creator and writer on several award-winning drama series with international impact, such as “Lilyhammer”, “Beforeigners” and”The Councilman”.

Lars Gudmestad

Scriptwriter and Executive producer

Lars Gudmestad is one of Norway’s most experienced scriptwriters, and has a background as development producer and screenwriter at Fantefilm and Feelgood before he joined as a screenwriter and executive producer at Rubicon in May 2023. Gudmestad is behind feature film such as “Headhunters”, “Buddy”, “Fatso » and «Betrayed». He has also been the writer and creator of the TV series “Neste Sommer” (Discovery), “Julekongen” (NRK) and “La Palma” (Netflix) and worked as a creative producer for several Norwegian comedy series.

Stine Blichfeldt

Head of Production and Producer

Stine Blichfeldt is Head of Production at Rubicon. She is a producer, who started her career as a journalist. After finishing her studies she moved to Nairobi, Africa, where she worked on Africa’s first talk show on human rights. She worked several years at NRK, before founding the production company Them Girls Film. The company stands behind several award-winning short films, both scripted and documentary short films, which have been shown all over the world at festivals and on TV. In 2017, she co-produced her first feature film which had its world premiere in Toronto.

Gudny Hummelvoll


Gudny Hummelvoll has over 30 year’s experience in the film and television industry. She is the founder of the production company Hummelfilm, acclaimed for its titles such as “Headhunters”, “Nothing to Laugh About” and the TV series “Occupied”. Hummelvoll’s extensive career includes serving as a production manager at NRK, and a producer at various distinguished companies. Her portfolio features works like “Buddy”, “Phoenix”, “Daniel” and “Captain Sabertooth”, among others. Since 2020, Hummelvoll has held the position of President of the European Producers Club and is the first woman to assume this role.

Andreas Fløisand


Andreas Fløisand serves as post producer, as well as junior producer. He has previously been involved in feature films and series like “13 months”, “Nothing to Laugh About” and “Occupied”. More recently he worked on the TV-series “Headhunters”, as post producer. At Rubicon, he has the last year worked as producer on his first TV-series “Solo”, premiering soon.

Jadranko Mehic


Jadranko Mehic is a trained screenwriter from The Norwegian Filmschool and Edith Cowan University, and has a bachelor’s degree in film and television science from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. He has helped develop and author several well-known and award-winning TV series, including “Lilyhammer”, “Wisting”, “Mammon”, “Samurai Sikkerhet” and “Monster”. In addition to being a writer, he has also been an episode director on the series “Aber Bergen”.

Amy Black Ndiaye


Amy Black Ndiaye is a trained screenwriter from The Norwegian Film School, and has a degree in Acting from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. She has worked as a screenwriter on titles such as “Aber Bergen”, “Daddy’s Girl”, “Hjerteslag” and “Two Sisters”. She was the series creator, screenwriter and lead actor in the series “Verden er min”, where she won the award “Best International Series” at Seriencamp in Munich, Germany.

Vilde Klohs


Vilde Klohs is a trained copywriter from Westerdals School of Communication. She has worked as a scriptwriter and creator with experience spanning both TV-drama and entertainment. Her career includes expertise in development and editorial roles with renowned companies and distributors, such as NRK, SF Studios Paradox, and Feelgood Film and TV. Notably, Klohs serves as one of two Showrunners for the Discovery + series “Basic Bitch” which earned a Gullrute-award I 2022.

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Financial Controller

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Project- and Administrationcoordinator

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Office Manager

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