Beforeigners, season 1


A mysterious phenomenon occurs where people from the past suddenly appear in the present. People from the Stone-Age, Viking-Age, and the late 1800s emerge from flashing lights in the Oslo fjord, Norway. They are the first of many people from the past seeking asylum in the present. Seven years later, the entire society has changed. Police officer Lars Haaland teams up with Alfhildr, a woman from the Viking-Age, who is a part of the Police’s integration program. During the investigation of a murder case involving a woman from the Stone Age, Lars and Alfhildr uncover unexpected and chilling revelations.

‘Beforeigners’ was HBO’s first original series from Norway. The show has won 5 awards and received 11 nominations

The creative team behind Beforeigners:

Created and written by: Anne Bjørnstad and Eilif Skodvin
Directed by: Jens Lien