Lovleg, season 2


In ‘Lovleg,’ we follow Gunnhild’s journey through dorm life, love, friendship, and the search for well-chosen topics of conversation at appropriate times.

Gunnhild is 15 years old and ready to move out from her parents’ home. After an upbringing characterized by downtime and loneliness, she is determined to leave her old self behind and start a new youth life at Firda High School in a beautiful coastal village in the west of Norway. She moves into a large dorm, ruled by the teenagers Sara, Peter, and Alex. There, she enters a kind of adult world and soon discovers that her new life isn’t as easy as she hopes.

She navigates through a jungle of practical and social challenges, striving to balance new friendships, love, partying, school, freedom, and responsibilities. As her mistakes multiply and the challenges grow more demanding, she realizes that life cannot be lived alone and that vulnerability is what brings people together.

Little by little, Gunnhild gets to know both herself and her roommates—one flaw at a time.

Creative team behind Lovleg:

Written by: Kjersti Wøien Håland
Directed by: Harald Mæhle Jr og Caroline Johansen